The process of advancement in a positive direction, towards a predetermined goal.

Progress Team Training

Check out this cool flashback video from a few years back. Team training session with the Progress athletes at Stealth BJJ in Manchester.

Some high level rolls

Progress Youtube channel

The UK's 5th Blackbelt

Introducing Steve Campbell. Steve has been submitting people since the early 90's. Receiving all his grades in Rio from Carlos Gracie Jnr.

Find out a little bit about the Jiu Jitsu scene back in the day.

Progress YouTube channel

Jiu Jitsu articles

Taped ! How to protect those Jiu Jitsu fingers.

Everyone is returning to training, and knowing Jiu Jitsu lovers, we jump in with both feet first and don't ease our w...

An In-depth look into Academies - Fightzone London

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs going in depth at some of the top gyms in the UK.  We begin with one of the...

How to maximise your recovery from training !

For everyone who trains Jiu Jitsu, whether you are a competitor who trains everyday, or a hobbyist who trains 3 times...
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