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100% Submission rate! ADCC European Trial Champion | Taylor Pearman

Posted by James Tighe on
100% Submission rate! ADCC European Trial Champion | Taylor Pearman
  If you know Taylor and trained with him, you might not be surprised! For everyone else, his domination at the ADCC European Trials in Zagreb, Croatia may have been a shock. Here is a quick recap of a historic run.
   Taylor’s first match against his opponent from Lithuania ended in just over two minutes. Taylor found a heel after entering the leg attacks from the bottom. Round 2 saw another heel hook finish, with just under 30 seconds left in the match Taylor was able to control the heel and lock in the submission.
   Round 3, Taylor faced off against a fellow GB competitor, this match finished quick with a heel hook in just over thirty seconds. The quarter finals against Von Schrenk from Germany ended when Taylor was able to suck back his opponent's knee line and find the heel.
   With the gold in reach. The semi-finals saw Taylor take on Poland’s Adam Wardzinski. Adam quickly pulled and swept. For the next 45 seconds Taylor looked to find his positioning while Adam worked to pass. Off an attempted knee cut pass, Taylor found control of the leg, elevated, inverted underneath and forced the tap.
   The final saw Taylor take on another GB athlete in Ben Bennet. Bennett worked to pass from the outside and defended the leg entries by mostly staying grounded with both knees. Neither athlete gave much opening in their heavy exchange of hand fighting. Then with just four minutes left, Taylor used an arm drag to force the reaction from his opponent. From there he used the sequences which had worked perfectly all day to find the heel and force the tap.
Massive congratulations to Taylor on his impressive win! We can't wait to watch him on the big stage chasing his dreams. Click here to learn more about Taylor and his training, gym and life.

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