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Athlete Spotlight: Melissa Mullins

Posted by James Tighe on
Athlete Spotlight: Melissa Mullins

Name: Melissa Mullins

Affiliation: Lions Gym Coventry

Rank: Brown

Age: 32

Years in BJJ: Since 2016

Starting in BJJ/ MMA:

  • What got you started in BJJ/MMA? Walking into Lions gym having no idea of what martial arts was as a concept of fighting to harm someone. Flick kicks to head gear is all I ever knew in this regard. Most definitely cannot be compared to KO'ing someone or simple dominating position for 7m and them just feeling helpless. Loved this idea and stuck to it.. jumping into all aspects each and every day.
  • Where did you start training/ motivation to start?  Coventry, Lions gym. Nothing, just walked past the gym and wanted to try it.
  • One piece of advice to your white belt self? Don’t underestimate other white belts, they want it just as much and they are equally clueless. Don’t reject the feeling of not progressing, because it’s just proving to yourself how much you want it.
  • Current competition goals? Enter a few majors in No Gi, super fight and dominate with the grapple in the UFC.
  • Best moment in competition? Winning the IBJJF worlds at brown belt in both my weight class and open weight. I’m not a full time BJJ athlete and I struggle to learn. I have my basics and I’m trying to build on that. So, to win double gold and then have zero points conceded against me. It was a massive confidence booster.
  • What is your current training schedule? 3 session a day, 5x a week between lifting, nogi, gi, striking and sparring


  • Ideal victory meal? Peanut butter and jam sandwich in really thick and good quality bread. Ice cream!
  • Favorite activities outside of BJJ? Shopping for clothes and trainers. My dogs and doing fun things like go karting or bouldering
  • Favorite place to travel to? Id like to go to Texas, I have really enjoyed Vegas but I’d like to go to Bali
  • Favorite sport outside of BJJ? Breakdancing, road biking and bouldering
  • Favorite movie? Currently avatar and maze runner
  • Favorite song on your playlist right now? Tyla, water


Thanks so much Melissa for answer our questions! Looking forward to whats next for you in the new year.

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