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Checkout our top Progress JJ gift recommendations!

Posted by James Tighe on
Checkout our top Progress JJ gift recommendations!

Have a look at what our team are giving to their friends and family this holiday season.

Progress Jiu Jitsu Gift Card:

A Progress Jiu Jitsu gift card is a fantastic gift as it allows the recipient the flexibility to choose exactly what they need or want from the wide range of products available on the website. It ensures that the gift is tailored to their preferences, whether they're looking for new gear, apparel, or instructional materials, making it a thoughtful and versatile present. Best of all- you don’t need to worry about sizing! 

 Get your Progress Jiu Jitsu Gift Card Here  you can also get a digital Progress Jiu Jitsu gift card here.

Progress Water Bottle:

The Progress Jiu Jitsu water bottle is an excellent gift for any practitioner. Staying hydrated is crucial during intense training sessions, and this durable and leak-proof bottle provides a convenient way for Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts to keep their water intake on track. The sleek design and Jiu Jitsu branding add a touch of style to their gear collection.

Progress Jiu Jitsu Gi:

A Progress Jiu Jitsu gi makes for a great gift due to its emphasis on quality and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials with reinforced stitching, these gis provide comfort and resilience during rigorous training sessions. The stylish design options also allow practitioners to express their personal style while on the mats. Checkout our wide range of gis here.

Progress Jiu Jitsu No-Gi Set:

The Progress Jiu Jitsu no-gi set is an ideal gift for those who prefer training without the traditional gi. Designed for optimal performance, the set typically includes rash guards and grappling shorts, offering a comfortable and unrestricted fit. This set is perfect for intense, sweat-inducing sessions, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for any no-gi enthusiast. Pick your favorite no gi set here.

Progress Jiu Jitsu Essential Backpack:

The Progress Jiu Jitsu essential backpack is a practical and stylish gift for Jiu Jitsu practitioners who need a reliable way to transport their gear. With specialized compartments for a gi, water bottle, and other essentials, this backpack ensures organization and convenience. The durable construction and Jiu Jitsu-themed design make it a functional and visually appealing accessory for both training and everyday use.


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