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Monthly Recap- January 2024

Posted by James Tighe on
Monthly Recap- January 2024

Progress Jiu Jitsu Month in Review

What a start to the year! 2024 is already underway and it has been a great start. Paris played host to the first IBJJF major of the year. This year’s edition of the Euros was one of the best in memory. We also dropped our first new no gi set of the year, checkout the highlights from January and see what is to come in Feb!

In the world of BJJ

The IBJJF 2024 European Championship- Paris played host to one of the most exciting European championships in a long long time. As the first major of the year, the event is always full of interesting story lines, upsets and crazy matches. Despite all the awesomeness of the week in Paris, Mica Galvao stole the show. On his return to the IBJJF competition, he never looked better. Conceding only 2 points ( which came via sweep in the final against Andy Muraski), Mica dominated an extremely tough division winning all 4 matches by submission. He displayed a wide range of attacks but took advantage of the closed guardian key moments to pick up sweeps, submissions and back takes. 

    Kennedy Maciel also returned to action after a long layoff (due to injury). It was a successful return to the IBJJF mats with Kennedy picking up gold in the featherweight division. Gutenberg Pereria is an experienced veteran black belt with wins at the highest level, at Euros he debuted under AOJ for the first time. The debut was a massive success with the Brazilian scoring gold in the Ultra weight division and Absolute

Finally, fan favourite and butterfly guard master Adam Wardzinski came from behind in the finals to avenge his loss at Euros last year to Felipe Andrew. Wardzinski’s technical brilliance keeps winning him fans and titles around the world. On the women’s side of the action, Jessica Caroline picked up another Euro’s title with a tough fought victory over the 4x world champion Mayssa Bastos. Melissa Cuento picked up her first Euros gold along with Shelby Murphy, Aurelie Le Vern, Julia Alves and Margot Ciccarelli. Finally, Thalyta Silva dominated the way to her 3rd Euros gold medal at black belt.

All things Progress Jiu Jitsu

Academy+ Yellow No Gi setWe decided to kick off 2024 with a bringing out an all new colourway in our legendary Academy+ range. After releasing the first set (khaki and black) back in 2022, we have been steadily building out the collection. The yellow set is the latest addition and can be matched with the navy set ( don’t worry, restock is coming soon). If you haven’t picked up an Academy+ set yet, it is one of our favourites as the comfortability and durability is next level.

Coming soon!- If you haven't seen the white belt competition video on our YT, join 175k+ others and check it out! Shout out to the media team, if you want to see more of this type of content, let us know! We have a few more videos in the pipeline which we think you will love… Speaking of love? Who doesn't adore a new back back… That's right we got an all new backpack dropping this month and you will be surprised who we collabed with to bring it out!

Hope you all had a great January, and an even better February! 

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