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Worlds Preview: Adult Female Black Belt

Posted by James Tighe on
Worlds Preview: Adult Female Black Belt

With the return of the IBJJF gi world championship this week, we can look forward to some of the best jiu jitsu fighters taking to the mats this weekend in the black belt divisions. Each year some of the best action takes place in the female black belt divisions, known for some of the most technical guard play to be found in the jiu jitsu world. Make sure you tune in to watch the best black belts in the world scrap it out for the crown of the best jiu jitsu fighter of the year. Until then, checkout below our preview on adult female black belt divisions.

Black Belt Adult Female Rooster

Mayssa Bastos is an amazingly fun jiu jitsu fighter to watch in the gi, bringing a complete game to her bjj matches, make sure you catch her matches this weekend. A favorite to reach the top of the podium whenever she takes to the competition mats, gi or no gi. The Julio Cesar black belt has been making her preparation for this jiu jitsu worlds in New York City under the watchful eye of Murilo Santana and his Unity Team. To achieve another world title Bastos will need to get past the likes of Brenda Silva of Fight Sports and Lavinia Barbosa of Checkmat. The lightest weight class in jiu jitsu will carry a heavyweight punch of excitement this weekend.

Black Belt Adult Female Light-Featherweight

Tammi Musumeci returns to action at the bjj worlds, along with her brother Mikey this will be her first championship flying the Pedigo Submission Fighting flag. Tammi achieved the rank of black belt at just 19 years of age, reaching the podium at worlds (gi) in 2014. Her first jiu jitsu gi world title came in 2019, to bring home her second title she will need to defeat the surging rookie to the black belt division Jessica Khan. While Jessica is still a relatively new black belt, she will be able to lean on the experience of her coaches at AOJ. When it comes to winning jiu jitsu world titles few know more than Jessica’s coaches, the Mendes brothers. Ana “A-rod” Rodrigues of Dream Art will certainly be in the mix. One of the small army of jiu jitsu black belts which dream art is bringing to compete, the submission hunter will be more ready. Longtime Checkmat veteran Patricia Fontes will also be looking to put her hands on gold. Light-Featherweight is one of the most stacked divisions to watch this weekend.

Black Belt Adult Female Featherweight

Bianco Basilio and her amazingly dangerous footlock attacks will be present in California. Lookout for some painful submission finishes from this talented Atos representative. A true submission artist in the bjj world today. A fan favorite year in and year out, Amal Amjahid will be in attendance as well. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Amjahid is known to mix it up in the absolute divisions. With an impressive open guard game, Amjahid style of jiu jitsu is always exciting for fans to watch. Nicole Sullivan and Gabriela Fechter will be looking for gold as well

Black Belt Adult Female Lightweight

Luiza Monterio, Bea Mesquita, Hannette Staack and Nathalie Riberio. These jiu jitsu fighters need no introduction. With many all time greats and legends in the division, the bjj skill here is immeasurable. Lots of talented jiu jitsu fighters make predictions impossible. We will just have to wait and see.

Black Belt Adult Female Middleweight

Raquel Canuto is present along with Yuki Kaneko of Carpe Diem.  A total of 10 women will take part in this division over the weekend. With some less familiar names in the mix, keep an eye out for some upsets.

Black Belt Adult Female Medium-Heavyweight

Only 5 women are in the mix, headlined by Elizabeth Clay and Ana Viera. Viera took the victory the last time these two women took the competition mats together, although that was a no gi competition. Expect some top heavy pressure passing from both, with neither necessarily looking to play the jiu jitsu game from bottom. Clay has been making a name for her self in the no gi world with some major superfight victories.

Black Belt Female Heavyweight

Another division filled in with some new faces, there could be some upsets in the mix. Margaret Grindatti will be looking for her first gi world title. After a successful run in the colored belts Grindatti has yet to find the same rhythm at black belt. Canadian veteran Alison Tremblay will also be in the hunt for gold.

Black Belt Female Super-Heavyweight

Alliance leads the headlines here, with all time great Gabi Garcia and Talita Nogueria stepping up to compete. Gabi will look to add yet another world title to her mantle.

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