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The new Jiu Jitsu Hotspot, Texas.

Posted by James Tighe on
The new Jiu Jitsu Hotspot, Texas.

Apart from Brazil itself, there are certain locations in the world which have become synonymous with world class Jiu Jitsu, San Diego and New York are two such places. Over the recent years a strong competition scene has been developing in the lone star state of Texas, especially so during the recent Pandemic.  

For the past decade millions of people in America have been migrating to Texas, for many reasons, job opportunity, a laissez-faire federal government, it is a lot cheaper to live with its low tax and land being cheaper than other popular places in the US. It also has some of the biggest cities in america, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Most notably for Jiu Jitsu fans, Joe Rogan, BJJ Black belt, ufc commentator, comedian and host of every grapplers favourite podcast moved to Texas for some of these very reasons.

Some of the best competitors in the world are based in Texas with some exciting talent being developed, competitions such as Third Coast grappling and Flograppling's WNO based in Texas. With the current Pandemic and restrictions all over the rest of the USA, the IBJJF have been holding a load of events in Texas. 

Austin – Brazillian Fight Factory

Headed by Rodrigo Cabral a black belt under Leo Vieira, Brazilian Fight Factory is a Checkmate Affiliate in Austin Texas. Rodrigo Cabral is an accomplished competitor winning the Brazilian nationals and placing 2nd in the World at Masters 1. However Rodrigo has been hugely successful producing world class talent, most notably Kody Steele and William Tackett. Kody Steele, is a multiple time silver medalist at NoGi Worlds and is a Combat Jiu Jitsu world champion. He has notable wins over Edwin Najmi and Alec Baulding. William Tackett has even more superfight wins, ranked 3 in the world at 185 pounds, despite only 19 years of age, he has been notable black belts such as Tex Johnson, Felipe Andrew, Manuel Ribamar and Andrew Wiltse to name a few. 

Houston – Gracie Barra Texas

Headed up by legendary coach Vinicius 'Draculino' Magalhaes who himself has awarded over 100 black belts. Many come from around the world to learn from him at his school. Other coaches in his school include Brandon Mullins known for his technical approach to Jiu Jitsu, he is also an accomplished competitor being IBJJF European Champion and World Nogi Champion. Other competitors based at Gracie Barra Texas include current IBJJF Pans champion Andressa Cintra and 2019 World silver medalist Lucas Valente. 

San Antonio – Rodrigo Pinheiro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Rodrigo Pinheiro is a World medalist and Brazilian national champion, who has built his gym outside San Antonio for over a decade, just recently two of the world premier grapplers moved to San Antonio to teach and train out of an affiliate, one of the Top P4P female Grapplers in Nathiely de Jesus and European champion Manuel Ribamar. With those two heading up RPBJJ Boerne even more world class Jiu Jitsu arrives in Texas. 

Dallas – Progresso Academy 

One of the Newer academies on this list Progresso is an academy ran by the legendary European Competitor Alexander Trans. Probably the most decorated competitor to come from Europe, Trans is a multiple time Black belt World Medalist, Pans Champion along with European Champ. He recently won the Abu Dhabi King of Mats where he submitted Roberto Cyborg in the final. The academy itself is purpose built and is one of the best looking academies on this list. 

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