Taped ! How to protect those Jiu Jitsu fingers.

Everyone is returning to training, and knowing Jiu Jitsu lovers, we jump in with both feet first and don't ease our way into it. With Jiu Jitsu taking its toll on our bodies, our fingers and hands take a beating with the grips we take, sleeves, collars and lapels. Grip breaks massively damage our fingers too, and even in NoGi thumbs can get pulled back or we can stub our fingers. 

Knowing this, and experiencing this ourselves at Progress JJ, we have endeavoured to create the best tape to protect our fingers. Enter the Progress Pro Tape, pressure tested by everyone here at HQ, the tape is easy to break and extremely sticky, and does not fall off mid roll. 

In this Blog we have put together multiple ways for you to tape up your fingers to protect and strengthen your fingers for the battles on the tatami. 

The Broken Finger  

Ligament Damage / Prevention



Black Belt Hands. 


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