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BJJ Fingers

Posted by James Tighe on
BJJ Fingers

Jiu jitsu fingers or jiu jitsu hands are a common occurrence in our sport. The training regime of jiu jitsu can cause problems with grapplers hands and fingers. Over the years many brazilian jiu jitsu players have had issues with mobility in their finger joints. While many associate the issue of bjj fingers with gi grappling, no gi grapplers can experience issues as well. Longer term issues can develop over time, potentially affecting one's time on the jiu jitsu training mats. Check out some tips on preserving your jiu jitsu fingers!

Take time to heal

Everyone hates taking time off in Jiu Jitsu but, sometimes its best after an injury to leave room to heal. This is true for a finger injury. Give those jiu jitsu hands time to rest every now and then!


Taking the time in your weekly training schedule to build strength in your fingers. It's possible to better build the strength of the fingers so your jiu jitsu fingers can stand up to the rigors of daily training and competition.

“Death Grips”

Open guard players tend to see the biggest problems with their fingers and hands in jiu jitsu because of the pulling grip nature of those guards. These players need to be the most aware of holding grips for too long that could potentially end up hurting their fingers. Knowing when to let go of a grip is important in extending your fingers and hands mobility in jiu jitsu.

Warm you fingers up

Developing a series of exercises to prepare the hands and fingers prior to a jiu jitsu session is an important step in the right direction. Getting the blood flowing in these warm sessions will help preserve the joints during the session.

Make use of Jiu Jitsu tap

Tapping up one's fingers and helping protect the fingers and hands while in a jiu jitsu session. Learning how to properly tape one's fingers for a jiu jitsu is important to maximize the benefits from tapping one's fingers. Here is our teams favorite tape to protect their hands with


damaged jiu jitsu fingers


Broken jiu jitsu fingers


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