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Checklist ! Your first competition!

Posted by James Tighe on
Checklist ! Your first competition!

With Jiu Jitsu competition already back in the USA, Brazil and other parts of the world, Europe is yet to see some consistent competitions back. However with the Vaccine roll out, it seems we will soon see competition back in Europe and in the UK many local competitions have already posted dates of potential competitions. 

Many Jiujiteiro will be looking to compete as soon as possible whether you're a newish white belt wanting to compete or someone who has trained for a while, but never dipped your toe into competing. 

We, at Progress HQ thought we'd get a little checklist together to help you prepare for your first competition.  

  • Choose the correct competition, as a first competition your best bet is always a local competition which isn't too far from you, try to limit as much stress on yourself as you can, you don't want to be travelling far on competition day. Competing is stressful enough. 
  • Prepare properly, when you enter a competition, you aren't just entering for the 'experience' everyone who enters always does so with an eye on winning, no matter how much you say it's for the 'experience'. Because of this you always want to add in some extra competition rounds or extra training in the gym to supplement your jiu jitsu. Maybe adjust your diet so its a lot healthier so you're better fueled. You might also consider getting some private sessions with your coach or higher grade team mates to fine tune your competition game. 
  • A lightweight Gi - Since you might be trying to stay within a weight limit, or dieting to make a specific weight, you might want to consider a lightweight Gi to wear. Progress JJ's Movement kimono is one of the lightest on the market and will help alleviate the stress making weight. Every gram counts ! 
  • Snacks and food -Bring plenty of water. Your matches will drain you especially so if you have multiple matches, you want to make sure you have enough water in your gym bag to avoid dehydration. Also, pack light snacks to eat before your matches if you are on weight.
  • Dont forget your belt ! and if you need a new belt for a competition because yours is a little damaged and wouldn't pass quality checks, we know where to get one from !
  • One of my pet peeves at competition is seeing people walk around the venue barefoot, and even worse walk into the bathroom without footwear. Luckily Bearfoot JJ have slides which you can take and wear at your competition ! Help keep yourself and other competitors safe from infections.
  • Most Importantly Have fun ! 



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