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Quick Interview with Ffion Davies

Posted by James Tighe on
Quick Interview with Ffion Davies

First off, congrats on the huge win! How are you feeling after claiming another major black belt title?

Thank you! It was a big relief after such a long layoff from competition. You convince yourself you’ve fallen behind due to being out of action, so it was a great feeling to be able to have a strong performance. 


Before the Worlds you won a Combat Jiu Jitsu match in Mexico, what was that like? First time doing CJJ?

It was so fun, I’d been training a little bit of MMA during the time off competing and got a few slaps in so I was pleased with that. I’d love to do it again! 

Did you prepare any differently for CJJ than a typical BJJ match? If so, how?

No not at all, I only knew I was doing it the week of the match! It was a lucky coincidence the event was in Mexico while I was there. It was fun because there was no expectation, and slapping is fun. 

Will we see you in MMA anytime soon?

An MMA or two is definitely on my list of goals for the future - it’s very fun but a big challenge. Once I’ve gotten back into the swing of Jiujitsu tournaments I’d like to arrange a fight. 


 Was being away from Ireland in the final weeks of preparation for the world championship a challenge for you?

Not really, it’s something I’m used to, I don’t let things like that worry me - as long as I have at least one training partner (and I had my boyfriend, Marcus, with me) and I can train then I’m feeling confident. The hard work was done long before those last couple weeks! 

You also competed in the absolute division at worlds and often do compete in absolute divisions. Do you approach competing in the absolute differently than your weight class?

In some ways yes, as there’s a lot less pressure. It can be quite freeing especially when you’re against someone a lot bigger, it’s a fun challenge trying to figure out the best way to approach the match. I am more mindful to not take any unnecessary risks.

What was your post-fight victory meal? Anything good?

I went to the Cheesecake Factory, it’s become a tradition! 

What is on the calendar for the rest of the year in terms of competition, training camps, seminars, etc..

Next up is gi worlds! And then after that I think WNO again in the New Year. I have seminars every month but most will be in the UK! 


Anything you would like the Jiu Jitsu community to know about?

That Progress is the coolest brand and they should wear it :)


Hope you enjoyed reading about the latest news from Ffion

-Team Progress Jiu Jitsu

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