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Polaris 19 Results | Amazing Night of Action Packed Jiu Jitsu

Posted by Danny O'Donnell on
Polaris 19 Results |  Amazing Night of Action Packed Jiu Jitsu

Polaris 19 Results: Southampton Event Showcases Some of the Best No-Gi Talent in the World

Polaris 19 took place on Saturday March 26th live from Southampton. The jiu jitsu event was streamed on UFC Fight Pass and featured some of the best UK and American grapplers, many of whom will likely be competing in ADCC. In the main event Roberto Jimenez took on Magid Hage. Both competitors have had amazing success on the no-gi scene recently with Roberto winning the 2nd South American ADCC Trials and Magid placing second at the 1st South American Trials. The co-main event was a match between Kendall Reusing and Amanda Leve. In a bout for the Polaris lightweight title, Ashley Williams took on Jack Sear. Also on the card was Progress Jiu Jitsu athlete Owen Livesey, who faced Frederic Vosgrone in a main card bout.

Roberto Jimenez defeats Magid Hage via Rear Naked Choke in Action-Packed Match

Coming off a first place ADCC Trials finish in Brazil, Roberto Jimenez looked to carry that momentum into his main event match with Magid Hage. Magid has also looked impressive lately, competing in two ADCC trials events and Brazil and racking up plenty of submissions in the process. After a quick guard pull from Magid, Roberto got into his passing sequences. He looked to pass from Magid’s half guard and had success in flattening him out and inching his way forward. Magid swept from an underhook but was unable to maintain top position for long. Roberto capitalized on a small opening and took Magid back from half guard, immediately trapping an arm and looking to finish the choke. The tap came from Magid came shortly after as locked in a tight rear naked choke and got the finish. 

Kendall Reusing Retains Open Weight Title due to Amanda Leve Injury 

In one of the most anticipated matchups of the night Amanda Leve took on Kendall Reusing for the Polaris open weight title. Amanda defeated Gabby Garcia at Who’s Number One Championships last year and has since become a household name in the sport. In addition to her accomplishments in BJJ, Amanda is also a world-class mixed martial artist currently fighting under the PFL banner. Kendell Reusing recently won the ADCC East Coast Trials and has committed to no-gi competition ahead of the 2022 ADCC World Championships in September. The exciting matchup was cut short, unfortunately. During a scramble where Kendall rushed in to attempt a guard pass, Amanda suffered what appeared to be a leg injury that forced her to withdraw from the match. Although it was not how Kendall wanted to win, she retained her Polaris title and will likely have a rematch with Amanda as soon as she’s healthy.

Ashley Williams Defeats Jack Sear to Retain Lightweight Title

ADCC European Trials champion Ashley Williams displayed a dominant top game against dangerous leg locker Jack Sear.  The match started with Jack pulling guard and initiating his leg lock sequences. He used his amazing flexibility and dexterity to get to many good positions, but Ashley was privy to all his attacks.  Williams eventually got the guard pass and even worked his way to the mount, but Jack showed incredible defense and resilience as he escaped many inferior positions. Ashley retained his Polaris lightweight title with a decision victory in a hard-fought match.

Owen Livesey Dominates from Start to Finish

Progress Jiu-Jitsu athlete Owen Livesey took on Frederic Vosgrone in a main card match that showcased his skills both standing and on the mat. Owen put his world-class takedown skills on display early, hitting a big double leg less than 20 seconds into the match. The match went out of bounds and was reset in the center, but it wasn’t long until Owen was in on another takedown, a beautifully timed kata garuma that sent Frederic to the mat. On the ground Frederic looked to play a combination of traditional and deep half guard while Owen kept the pressure on top. Frederic hit a sweep about four minutes into the match but couldn’t secure the top position. Owen was able to hit a knee cut pass, but Frederic recovered shortly thereafter to the half guard. He passed again with an over under position, but Frederic was able to recover to the half guard again. The remainder of the match was spent with Owen on top putting pressure on Frederic. Owen showed not only great takedown ability, but also a beautiful top game that shut down his opponent’s half guard attacks.

Full results can be found below:

Roberto Jimenez def. Magid Hage via submission (rear naked choke)

Kendall Reusing def. Amanda Leve via forfeit due to injury 

Ashley Williams def. Jack Sear via unanimous decision

Owen Livesey def. Frederic Vosgrone via unanimous decision

Eoghan O’Flanagan def. Valentin Fels via unanimous decision

Margot Ciccarelli def. Ashley Bendle via unanimous decision

Phil Harris def. Paddy Holohan via unanimous decision

Luiz Finocchio def. Ben Robson via unanimous decision

Paul Redmond def. Thomas Magnitis via split decision

Claudio Brudny def. Tom Tovey via submission (heel hook)

Shane Curtis def. Nathan Jones via unanimous decision

Pete Robson def. Shane Price via unanimous decision

Ben Bennett def. Jeremy Pare via unanimous decision


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