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Two ADCC Trials in Brazil | Checkout The Standout Preformances

Posted by Danny O'Donnell on
Two ADCC Trials in Brazil | Checkout The Standout Preformances

Standout Performances from the two ADCC Trials in Brazil

By Danny O’Donnell

ADCC put on two trials events in back-to-back weekends in Balneario Camboriu and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Brazilian trials have long been some of the most competitive jiu-jitsu and submission grappling events in the promotion’s history, with former winners such as Felipe Pena, Kaynan Duarte, Roger Gracie, Rafael Mendes, and Michelle Nicolini going on to become champions at the ADCC Worlds. Over the past two weekends we saw new BJJ talents emerge that have the potential to carry on the legacy of the Brazilian Trials winners. Below are some of the standout performers who showcased the best jiu-jitsu from the two events.

Micael Galvao

You can’t talk about the 2022 ADCC Brazil trials without mentioning Mica Galvao. Mica was the favorite coming into the 1st trials in the 77 kg division, and his performance surpassed even the highest of expectations. He submitted all his opponents, and his longest match was under two minutes. In the final, he faced Magid Hage, who had quite the day himself, submitting five opponents prior to facing Mica. Magid chose to play the takedown game and shot in on a single leg. Mica countered beautifully with an arm in guillotine that he eventually transitioned to a triangle to get the tap. His jiu-jitsu looked complete in all areas. Potential matchups for Mica at the ADCC Worlds include Nicky Ryan, Kade Ruotolo, Lucas Lepri, and JT Torres.

Roosevelt Sousa

Fight Sports representative Roosevelt Sousa came into the 1st Brazilian trials off a 2021 season that was filled with competitive success, his first full calendar year as a black belt. Roosevelt stormed through the +99 kg category, submitting all his opponents with an aggressive jiu-jitsu game. In his first match he won via belly down foot lock, then scored two submissions via inside heel hook, and capped off the event with a brutal calf slicer against the surging Pedro Alex. His leg locking skills should serve him very well in a +99 kg division that will include Gordon Ryan, Nick Rodriguez, Felipe Pena, and Joao Gabriel Rocha. 

Diogo Reis

Despite being a BJJ blue belt as recently as 2019, Diogo Reis has shown he has the skillset and the strategic know how to be a real threat to the 66 kg throne at the ADCC Worlds in September. Going into the first trials, many considered Diego “Pato” Oliveira and Fabricio Andrey the favorites, as they were both coming off 2021 IBJJF World Championship titles and were a bit bigger physically than Diogo. In his first match, Diogo took the back and secured a rear-naked choke. He won his next two matches by decision and faced teammate Fabricio Andrey in the semi-final, where he submitted him with an inside heel hook. In the final, Diogo utilized an intelligent strategy, technical jiu-jitsu, and his wrestling skills to earn the decision over the extremely tough Diego Pato. The 66 kg division is wide open at this point as 2019 champion Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes announced his retirement and there are still a few invites open.

Mayssa Bastos

Although Mayssa was at a huge size disadvantage in the -60 kg division in Sao Paulo, her jiu-jitsu technique was on point, using back attacks and pressure passing to punch her ticket to the World Championships in September. Mayssa has never lost a no-gi match as a black belt, and she continued that streak at the trials. She had four matches on the day and scored three submissions. In the final, Mayssa faced Julia Alves. She used a beautiful knee cut guard pass to set up a straight arm lock victory over the highly touted GF Team brown belt.

Gutemberg Pereira 

Gutemberg Pereira had not competed in a no-gi event since 2016 and had no plans to compete in the trials as recently as three days before the event. The jiu-jitsu he spent years honing in the gi was able to shine through, as he put on one of the best performances of his black belt career in the +99 kg division. In a FloGrappling interview, Gutemberg mentioned that his decision to compete was largely influenced by Mica Galvao’s run in the first trials and his inexperience in the ADCC ruleset. He finished his first three matches via heel hook, all in relatively short order. In the final we saw a classic Gutemberg performance. He hit a blast double to start the match and passed his opponent’s guard. His heavy pressure helped him get to the mount and finish with a kata gatame. With the win, Gutemberg will enter the stacked +99 kg division at the ADCC World Championships in September.

Fabricio Andrey

Although Fabricio fell short of an ADCC Worlds birth in Balneario Camboriu, he did not let his opportunity in Sao Paulo go to waste. Fabricio displayed amazing jiu-jitsu but also wrestling skills, hitting duck unders and getting to his opponent’s backs many times. In his second match Fabricio hit the most spectacular submission of the event, jumping a flying triangle right after his opponent sat to guard. His final match was yet another rear naked choke, where he showcased wrestling, guard passing, and back taking skills prior to getting the finish.

Hope you enjoy reading this recap on the Progress Jiu Jitsu blog. We appreciate you stopping in with us to catch up with what happened in the Jiu Jitsu world over the weekend.

-Team Progress Jiu Jitsu

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