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An In-depth look into Academies - Fightzone London

Posted by James Tighe on
An In-depth look into Academies - Fightzone London

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs going in depth at some of the top gyms in the UK. 

We begin with one of the most impressive gyms we have ever visited, Fightzone London. The Gym was the brainchild of Checkmat blackbelt Marco Canha, his wife Cristina and James Roach established in 2012, they have continued to invest in the facilities creating probably the best multi combat sports academy in the UK. 
The academy itself has dedicated areas to BJJ, Grappling (NoGi and Wrestling) and a striking area. The Striking area has a ring, a large matted area and punch bags. The 'Grappling' area is your typically matted area with wall mats with a black and red colour scheme. While the BJJ are is one of the most aesthetically pleasing training rooms in Europe, bright white with plants dotted around the ceiling. 

Where is it-

Based in the heart of East London, in the Cambridge Heath area the gym is a 5min walk from Cambridge heath station and 10min walk from Bethnal Green underground station. 

16-22 Pritchard’s Road
London, E2 9AP
United Kingdom

What is available –

  • BJJ 
  • Muay Thai 
  • Boxing 
  • MMA 
  • Wrestling 
  • No-GI
  • HITT 
  • Yoga
  • Kids classes.  

Coaches –

 Fightzone have a wide range of high level coaches, they have dedicated coaches for Muay thai, boxing, and MMA. 

However we are interested in the BJJ and Grappling coaches, Marco Canha is the head coach, Marco is a product of the famous Fightzone gym based in Rio De janeiro, earning his black belt from the legendary Ricardo Vieira. 
As a competitor Marco has medalled across Europe in IBJJF competition and won the UAEJJF Grandslam (for a full list of his accomplishment check his website page here ) and as a coach he has helped to develop multiple World and European champions. One of Marco's right hand men is Rafael Colonhese who is a multiple IBJJF medalist with a Brazilian National title at the coloured belts.

Cost -

Despite being in London, Fightzone's pricing is very affordable for most, they have multiple membership options.  
£65 per month enables you to attend any 2 classes per week.
£90 per month enables you to attend unlimited classes! (7 classes per week while restrictions are in place). These membership options allows you to switch between different combat styles you dont have to stick to only Jiu Jitsu classes. 
£65 per month Kids (from 4 to 15 years old) unlimited classes.
There is also a one off joining fee of £25 and insurance cost of £10. 

Competitors and Well Known Practitioners –

Many high level competitors have trained and been made at Fightzone. World Silver medalist and ADCC medalist, Jackson Souza, when he first came to Europe would train at Fightzone being a Checkmat Competitor himself. They also have homegrown champions such as Samantha Cook, one of the most decorated athletes the UK has produced a European Champion and multiple black belt world medalist. Fightzone has one of the best crop of coloured belts, including Blue belt Adult World Champion Progress Athlete  Junior Fernandes who is one of the UK's top prospects and Rodrigo Mariani junior world champion, and fellow youngsters Nia Blackman, Anabel Lopez, Isa Rahman all have Pan kids and European medals.

Fightzone Contact info - 

Email -

Number - 020 7729 3907

Address - 16-22 Pritchard’s Road
London, E2 9AP
United Kingdom

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