Cottonopolis Kimono (A1 ONLY)

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Product image 1Cottonopolis Kimono (A1 ONLY)
Product image 2Cottonopolis Kimono (A1 ONLY)
Product image 3Cottonopolis Kimono (A1 ONLY)
Product image 4Cottonopolis Kimono (A1 ONLY)
Product image 5Cottonopolis Kimono (A1 ONLY)

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The future belongs to your imagination
Our Cottonopolis kimono is a homage to the golden age of cotton, featuring a 450GSM Gold Weave jacket top half and sleeves, complemented by a 450GSM Pearl Weave bottom half. Lightweight ripstop trousers complete the third cotton weave of the kimono. 
Cottonopolis, a nickname of the Northern British City and home of Progress HQ, Manchester during the 19th Century. During this period, Manchester was a Metropolis at the centre of the World's cotton trade. At the height of the British Empire, factories in the North West of England supplied 90% of the World's cotton.
Each weave is Navy blue with teal trim, a competition fit but not IBJJF competition legal. 
A0 = 1.5 kg
A1 = 1.65
A1L = 1.75 kg
A2 = 1.85 kg
A2L = 1.85 kg
A3 = 1.90 kg
A4 = 2.15 kg
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