Yesterday we finally got round to holding our first ever training session with our sponsored athletes.  It was at the outstanding gym, Stealth BJJ in Manchester.

It’s something we have been trying to arrange for some time and finally got round to it.
It was amazing to see all the guys we sponsor from all over the UK come together and train with each other.

We started off with blackbelts Steve Campbell, Lucio Sergio and James Nardone teaching a few cool techniques to get ward, then we went straight into sparring.  The level on the mat was incredible.  Everytime I looked around there was a Leo Vieira backtake or a helicopter armbar.
It was the highest level training bjj I’ve ever been part of. 
Most of the guys on the mat, from purple to black, were multiple time IBJJF champions, a lot where European champions and some had even medalled at the worlds.

We invited the awesome @goliveco to come a film the day so look out for an epic highlight over the next few days.  Progress Sam was also there to take photos so there will be an album going live pretty soon too.

I just want to thank all the guys who came down, too many to name but you can see the team photo, it’s a who’s who of the Best Jiu Jitsu guys in the UK.
Unfortunately some guys couldn’t make it but we plan on holding 2x per year from now on.


Do you think we should run a comp, where the winner gets an invite to the next session?

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    Robert Rhodes

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